Wim Bollen

Transformation management - Management Consultant - Lean and Agile Expert

I am an agile veteran with over 25 years of experience in both large organisations and scale-ups. As a Transformation Coach, Mentor, Agile Programme Manager, or Director, I collaborate closely with leadership teams and managers to enhance agility tailored to their specific organisational needs. My expertise spans implementing methodologies like Scrum©, Kanban©, and SAFe©, as well as developing unique agile capabilities that are essential in today's competitive reality.

Throughout my career, I have mastered the complexities of balancing day-to-day operations with organisational changes. This experience has endowed me with profound insights into the dynamics of change and equipped me to offer unique services that manage change innovatively, adopting a bespoke approach to agile transformation.

Moreover, I excel at building bridges within organisations beyond just software engineering and ICT; I champion a strategic mindset that involves every function and level of an organisation. I specialise in fostering organisation-wide engagement, including departments such as finance, HR, and C-level executives, through a unique series of workshops and mentoring sessions. These initiatives are meticulously designed to tailor agility perspectives to each specific role within the organisation, fostering a shared understanding and collaborative spirit across all departments.

Ultimately, together we enable agility to enhance business performance. Therefore, we actively collaborate with every stakeholder in the organisation, empowering them to contribute to your organisational success and the agility needed in today’s competitive reality.


In Latin, 'ductu' signifies 'by the guidance.' 

At DUCTU, we embody this principle by providing expert mentoring, coaching, and training specifically designed to transform organisational agility for outstanding business performance. 

Guided by our seasoned team, your company can achieve a competitive edge.

That's why I learn

* Lean Kanban University