Student introduction to agile

Part of our "Stakeholder of agile" series
How does agile feel since students have minimal work experience?

Who should participate

An Experiential Workshop for College and University Students

This workshop is part of our "Stakeholder of Agile" series.

About the workshop

This workshop leverages the Okaloa Flowlab simulation environment to offer participants a practical, hands-on experience exploring 'How Work Works' within both traditional and agile contexts. Tailored specifically for college and university students, this session utilises the Okaloa Flowlab Teamflow simulation, but introduces unique modifications to better suit the educational context.

Participants will engage with a novel and effective approach to teaching and coaching agility, ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning experience. The Okaloa Flowlab simulations are founded on the principle that practical experience precedes theoretical understanding. Through engaging, board-game style simulations that mirror real-world work settings, students will actively experiment and learn.

The workshop aims to equip students with the skills needed to manage their own systems of work, enhancing their ability to efficiently deliver outcomes and manage time expectations.

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