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"An experiential way of training and coaching agile, weaving flow, collaboration and learning in ever more advanced forms of agility from the operational to the strategic level."
Patrick Steyaert

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The Okaloa Flowlab simulation environment is a suite of simulations designed to collaboratively discover innovative ways of working and delivering value. These simulations provide a safe space for participants to engage in shared experiences, fostering understanding and co-creation of new work methodologies.

Our workshops prioritise experiential learning, with theoretical concepts introduced after participants have engaged with practical scenarios. This hands-on approach is enriched through simulations that allow participants to confront challenging "bad weather" scenarios in current practices and explore alternative, innovative strategies.

Offered both online and in-person, Okaloa Flowlab simulations are versatile tools in workshops, training sessions, and coaching, accommodating various learning environments. Each simulation is crafted to mirror real-life work dynamics, incorporating elements such as dependencies, urgent tasks, and blockers to create a true-to-life experience.

Participants typically undergo two rounds in a simulation, forming a complete learning loop: the first round explores traditional working dynamics, while the second invites experimentation with new methods. This structure ensures a comprehensive understanding and application of the learned concepts.

Okaloa Flowlab workshops

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