Our approach is based on proven results at clients and developing capabilities to uncover your way

"Don't push change, remove the factors limiting growth."

Peter Senge

Activate change

Developing change facilitation capability

Uncovering your (agile) leadership and developing mastery

  • Engage facilitators
    Invite individuals to become students of your way
    Grow a community that nurtures and advocates your way

  • Develop mastery
    Bring cadence in teaching, learning and sharing
    Uncover emerging patterns, unique to the organisation

  • Activate from dojo to mojo
    Enable people to take action in their work

The pace of developing these capabilities determines growth rate

  • The capability to harmonise the unity in diversity

  • The capability to invest in learning by people

'system of work'

Build shared understanding

Through a set of business simulations* based on Okaloa Flowlab™**, people experience and gain deep insight in the fundamentals of their 'system of work'.

They experience agility, liquidity and optionality where they become strategic.

Uncover the fundamentals

Deeping insight into how work works, 'system of work', is a pre-requisite for developing capabilities.

*A simulation is an approximate imitation of the operation of a process or system; that represents its operation over time.
**Okaloa Flowlab™ is a simulation toolkit that lets people experience flow, collaboration and learning as corner stones for uncovering better ways to deliver, create and discover value.

'system of change'

Bootstrap network for change

Successful change is based on a healthy network of peers that influence each other in a positive way.

Genuine Engagement of people can be measured as a network effect; retention* and referral**.

From contempt to curiosity

Without becoming part of the organisational process, your way, we catalyse the thinking.

Our focus is on developing the capability to uncover your own thinking model based on your experiences, rather than imposing our own thinking model or projecting our own experiences.

The approach is based on System modelling™ created by Caitlin Walker.

*Retention can be observed when individuals, teams and team of teams continue to uncover better ways to deliver, create and discover value.
**Referral is others being activated to engage too. Often referred to as 'word of mouth'.

'visual thinking'

See 'system of work' in action

Explore how to apply visual management to build a shared understanding of the delivery, creation and discovery of stakeholder* value through meaningful work.

Get insight into the network for change

Build a shared understanding about the network effects developing your ability to observe organisational patterns.

Build a shared understanding

Experience the power of visual thinking to build a shared understanding.
Grasp the power of visual storytelling, agile synthesis/analysis and visual information radiation (e.g. team policies).

*A stakeholder is anyone impacted by your actions, like customers, workers, shareholders, society or nature.

Develop coaching and (self-)moderation capabilities

@ all levels and across all functions

Team (of Teams)

  • Deeping understanding of the 'system of work' at

    • Team level; building a shared understanding about improving staff liquidity, optionality and agility

    • Team of teams level; co-create a shared understanding about being a liquid organisation

  • Offer regular experiential opportunities developing capabilities to uncover your way

Senior Management and Executive Leadership

  • Offer regular experiential opportunities developing capabilities to uncover your way

    • At the place of practise, and

    • At the place fo action

  • Develop in-company coaching and (self-)moderation capabilities

    • Level to the pace of change, and

    • Enable the conversation at all levels and across all functions

Okaloa Flowlab facilitation

The place of practice for new ways of working

Okaloa Flowlab is built on the premise that experience must come before theory, you will do experiments through board-play style simulations that reflect real work environments. You will discover an “team dojo”, a safe-to-fail environment for practicing and developing (agile) capabilities.

Classroom, online or hybrid experience workshop, you will be exposed to a novel, unique approach for teaching and coaching strategic agility.

Advancing agile implementation

Move beyond the limitation of a transformation

Is your organisation involved in multiple, fragmented initiatives, or a method implementation(s), and is the change trapped in

  • The bandwagon effect,
    Because the competition is doing it, we should do it too!

  • Competing in-company initiatives,
    Each initiative imposes its own ideals! Fragmentation of the organisation is inevitable.

  • An industrial change approach, or
    'We do A and B will be the result thinking! Mechanistic thinking puts people in a double bind.

  • Commodity services
    Whatever you name it, it isn't agile!
    Commodities behave unpredictable on uncharted territory, an agile transformation is nothing else.

Our approach seeks for integrative thinking as a basis to (re-)engage again. Together we start from the adjacent possible to

  • Overcome local optimisation and bridge silo-ed initiatives
    We expose people through experiences to the common ground. This common ground enables people to develop a shared language.

  • Move beyond contempt and develop curiosity
    As there is value in each initiative but fragmented or even conflicting. We bridge all levels and bring together all functions of the organisation.

  • Manage the commons
    We stop the vicious loop known as 'the tragedy of the commons' and the resulting fragmentation and (re-)activate the change.

Experience design

Learn by listening, experiencing and co-creating

Team event

We offer initiation and introductory events aiming at experiencing how work works, the 'system of work' from small groups (9-15 people) and large groups (+50 people).

These workshops fit perfectly in the agenda of team meetings, team building events, strategy workshops, customer and supplier engagement events.

Get out of the building

We organise opportunities to meet peers and visit organisations to catch some fresh inspiration and capture their story regarding activation of change.

A businesswoman runs after light bulbs. It's a metaphor of somebody who want find brilliant ideas

Develop your own way

One day you will find yourself where 'no one has gone before'. The future is fundamentally unpredictable, yet to be uncovered through human action.

We like to join you and co-create the future.

Okaloa Flowlab© is a new, experiential, way of teaching and coaching 21st century business agility that involves the entire organization. Rather than teaching a specific agile or lean method, it allows participants to explore the foundations of flow, collaboration and learning, and how they relate to each other!Patrick Steyaert and Arlette Vercammen of Okaloa created the Okaloa Flowlab simulation suite.Find out more about Okaloa Flowlab here.
System Modelling™ was created by Caitlin Walker; after working with and observing David Grove and assisting Penny Tompkins and James Lawley as they were developing Symbolic Modelling. Caitlin combined David’s ideas with models from transactional analysis, systems thinking and NLP to produce an approach for facilitating groups to make the most of the individuals within them.Find out more about Systemic Modelling here.