Need for a fundamental different way of thinking, because...

Organisations cannot keep pace,

despite all the methods and tools available

Wim Bollen

Change facilitator


Wim Bollen, owner of DUCTU, is a successful systemic change facilitator focusing on the development of capabilities in organisations whether these are scale-ups or large corporates.

As a catalyst, Wim enables systemic change (often) in the face of disrupting crises or thriving and surviving as a strategic necessity.

Through facilitation, he helps organisations to overcome fragmentation as a (side-)effect of deliberate interventions and idealistic thinking.

As an 'experience' designer, Wim nurtures the development of adjacent capabilities which capitalise over time in transformative dynamics. This development aims at uncovering better ways to deliver, create and discover value through meaningful work.

Change facilitator
Mentor management & executives
Team of teams coach
Experience designer
Lean-agile expert

Network - Peers

Change facilitators

Complementary services

Wim Bollen strongly believes in a network organisation.
Co-creation is the heart of the learning and collaboration model that leads to a better flow of knowledge.