DUCTU is a lean and agile management coaching, mentoring and change leading company.

DUCTU is your companion in your journey when business agility is on the strategic agenda.

As DUCTU is a network company (network of complementary organizations), we offer a wide range of capabilities to guide and create focus on continuous improvement and change without loosing customer-centric growth out of sight. 

Our customers include digital organizations, product development companies, IT and software organizations.

Founder DUCTU
Pragmatic Change Leader
Kanban Coaching Professional
Lean-agile expert 
Coach & Mentor
Founder - Wim Bollen  

I am a seasoned hands-on lean-agile expert/coach and kanban coaching professional.

My expertise is helping organizations gain agility as a strategic enabler in order to achieve their goals and keep fit for purpose.

Through the introduction of lean innovation culture and evolution towards continuous flow of decision making, continuous learning, growth and execution the organisation can renovate its capability to adapt to changing conditions and needs.

I am passionate about the challenges to solve non-routine market problems and finding new problems to be solved creating new markets in large and small ICT and technology organizatons.

I started my career (+ 15 years) as a software engineer, later on I have participated and led several lean and agile change initiatives. Further I have coached and trained individuals, teams, crews and managers/leaders.

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Ductu bvba, Veldmansbrugstraat 4-14, 3500 Hasselt (BE)
* member of 'group of 5'