Bootstrapping change when business agility is on the strategic agenda

Offering a broad range of services in the context of bootstrapping change to engage with
the challenges of the 21st century
  • understanding 'how work works', and
  • having insight in 'how growth grows'
Leading to relentlessly creating value through meaningful work
Encouraging acts of leadership in order to bootstrap change through deep learning and focusing on fit for purpose and prospering in a changing world.

Therefore we aim at
  • Enterprise Flow, 
  • Networked Collaboration, and 
  • Organisational Learning.
Let's start the dialogue...
...when business agility is on the strategic agenda
enterprise flow thinking is on the tactical agenda and 
enable your organisation is desired on the operational level.

Ductu bvba, Veldmansbrugstraat 4-14, 3500 Hasselt (BE)
Beta tester and authorized Okaloa Flowlab facilitator