DUCTU aims at reenforcing and/or restoring the connection of your organisation
with the increasingly fast evolving society 
where people are more and more connected and increasingly service nomads

Therefore we offer lean and agile management coaching, mentoring and change leading services.

Do you recognize these situations?
  • Do you observe that people need less and less your services or your capability to help them? 
They seem to cherry pick services, one could see it as less loyal! 
  • Is the behaviour of people and/or the interaction with the society a hurdle or even an obstacle for your organization?
Sometimes customers seem to behave like nomads. They behave like they know better what they need! 
  • Are you capable to quantify and/or qualify how ‘fit for purpose’ your organization is in the current relationship with people and the society? 
Your customer share experience and appreciation on social media allowing them to make quantified and qualified choices. They seem to be able to judge on your fitness for purpose to solve their problem! 

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